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Coaching is a collaborative and creative process.  Through one-on-one sessions, your coach will help you to gain insights and awareness that can help you to make intentional choices.  Creating space and intentionality around your thoughts and behaviors ultimately drives transformation and change.  Indelible Coaching is dedicated to making a lasting impression
so that you can reach your greatest potential.

Do I Need Coaching?

Here are some common reasons that people seek coaching

Image by Ben Hershey

I feel stuck

Whether you've been in the same job for years, or you're realizing that your day to day isn't fulfilling, coaching can help you make conscious choices that can drive you towards your
life's purpose

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

I am struggling

Maybe you've stepped into a new role, and all of sudden feel out of your depth.  Perhaps you're struggling with your manager, or rough corporate politics.  Or perhaps your work and person priorities are in conflict.  Coaching can help you understand your core values to help you navigate yourself to more solid ground.

Image by Brett Jordan

I want to learn

Coaching can help you learn new skills or enhance the ones you have.  Common areas include developing and enhancing your leadership style, developing an executive presence, or defining your brand.


"I can't speak highly enough of Carly's coaching. She maintains the perfect balance of being thoughtful & kind, while also getting down-to-business with her insightful sessions. After just a few sessions, I have already made some meaningful changes to areas of my life. I feel lighter, and my mind feels less cluttered with noisy thoughts. If therapy or career coaching haven't given you all the answers - I would consider working with Carly to help you navigate the missing links." ~Sr Manager, Finance

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